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The story

I have always admired art in it’s many different forms, so a few years ago I decided that I would make art my profession (even though my degree in is marketing management).

There is a universal language of forms, shapes and colors. And it became my passion to learn how to speak it and do my best to make it become a poetry.  I naturally transitioned from the sketchbook to peoples skin and also started tattooing. Recently I have been focusing on interior mural derocation. Paintings and working on one-off projects but of course I still always have my sketchbook close by.


My particular style is detailed mandala or floral patterns. Fine lines, forming an ensemble.  My technique allows me to work with smooth surfaces mostly indoors. I need to literally interview my client to understand what lies behind a request. I want to know which atmosphere is expected to be experienced.  Mural is like a thoughtful profound statement. You can’t take it to another room or move it. That’s why it needs to include more than just a pretty picture.  It needs to be something personalized. We will work together and I do my best to transfer your idea into the art piece through my skills.


My favorite style at the moment is abstract liquid techniques as the background with fine lines as the main theme on top.

I particularly like this style as I find that this kind of art easily fits into many different areas only by simply matching the color palette.


I learned the technique of tattooing in Bali, Indonesia where I had a number of mentors and tried to take the best from each of them to create my own style.  Whenever I tattoo I do with a positive attitude and plenty of passion.  I believe that putting permanent art on ones body is a very personal and important decision, so I always respect the ideas and motives of my customers and take my time to create an artwork that fits in best with each individual person.   I am always growing and learning, and each time I get to work with a new client I understand that this is more than just the process of tattooing.  The greatest reward of all is when I get to see people smile thanks to the art work I have created for them.

Custom Works

Get in touch with me if you think my style and approach fits your idea!

I’ve created a personilized surf board designs, trailer decoration, book illustration, bikini fabric design and special furniture designs. These and other projects you find here.

I am curious to hear about your ideas!

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Do you have any questions or ideas? Do not hesitate to get in touch with me and I will get back to you as soon as I can (usually within 24 hours).

You are also welcome to visit my Instagram, FaceBook or Etsy shop.  You can find all the links below.

tmi Sasha Luchkova ART

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