I identify as an artist..

..not only because I create drawings, but mainly because I create my life in a similar way. Taking risks, not knowing what comes out, trusting and feeling. I like to say that my life is my biggest canvas.
Shifting from a marketing manager in a little town, to surf instructor in Bali, to artist/tattooer worldwide, now I’m becoming a helicopter pilot.

art & Psycology

I’ve been drawing woman characters since 2016. This has become a powerful tool in my personal transformation. I’ve studied  and tested different therapy modalities and healing practices to help myself and support the unfolding of my potential.   Now I’ve developed an ART method to help others connect to their subconscious and receive answers in a gentle, playful and effortless way. Welcome to visit my online gallery here. 


I learned the technique of tattooing in Bali and have travelled to different countries with my ink brand MovingSircus.  Putting a permanent picture on your skin is a not only a  statement  but also an instant transformation that comes with it.  I have a very careful and attentive approach to someones  choice to get a tattoo from me. I make sure to learn about person’s WHY and create space for experience  that will fullfill the  intention of my client. It’s so much more then just a picture. My passion for human psychology shows in my tattoo work. My approach  turns a tattoo into a powerful tool. And what that tool does – is a matter of collaboration between me and a client.


I came up with an idea of becoming a helicopter pilot after the most magical sequence of events in Burning Man festival in 2019.  Like I said before, my artist identity takes ideas very seriously and trust the place they come from immensely. Most persistent ideas are those that  end up becoming huge turning points in my life. I have started my commercial pilot license training in 2021 and growing now my flight hours.

I stand for living the life greedily, willing to try, willing to fail and try again.