‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’  



You are someone who has agency over your experience as a human being.  
There’s always a reason why you don’t have what you want. 

Here it is: Hidden parts of our psyche perceive desired fulfilment as a threat. 
It’s a livelong journey to bring to light hidden parts of our being, so that we get to experience what it means to live one’s potential.

ART method is a simple process that  gives access to your own hidden intelligence.  It will take us one meeting or videocall.

Let’s say you feel like your flow is somehow stuck, maybe there’s even some drain of energy that you can’t really pinpoint.

Art method helps you to find that drain. 

You get answers from within. 

It’s not mentoring or fortune telling, 

Neither it is a coaching program, but a straight forward experience of a different you, as well as looking at your situation with new eyes. 

What ART method is:

  • A way to look at your situation with the eyes of better you
  • A message from YOUR subconscious
  • Going deeper through layers of perception
  • Connecting to your most actual authentic needs.

What ART method is not :

  • Not a coaching program
  • Not a strategy recommendation
  • Not a fortunetelling session
ART method session
ART method session + follow up consultation