Drug addict support organization

Here’s the result of a collaboration with the Irti Huumeista RY  (Drug addiction support organization) and the symbol interpretations. The slogan of the company says «Rid of drugs, stick to life» In finnish it sounds way better. Irti huumeista, kiinni elämässä.

The art is separated into two parts Drugs(orange)/Life(pink)

  • Puppet master’s hands and strings – symbolize the addiction, that takes control over an addict, like a puppet.
  • Mandala symbolizes life and goodness, people connection, love. Figures are all the same, symbolizing equality, same rights.
  • Hearts – connection symbol. Together we are stronger.
  • Siccors – @IrtiHuumeista activity. Cutting the addiction strings. Where the strings are not cut – addiction takes over life and destroys it (symbol – dripping paint, people pulled away and apart, broken hearts).
  • I like that the meaning is not too obvious, you gotta literally stop and explore the art work. Orange and pink are the brand colors of the organization. The wall itself will become a background for some videos that will help addicts and their families.


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