Il Ponticello, Italy

Whenever you are in Rome be sure to find Il Ponticello which is only a few minutes walk from Basilica di San Paolo.  I dare say it was one of the best pizzas I had during my time in Rome, or maybe it is correct to say pinsa….it goes down nicely with a cool glass of draft beer.

I didn’t notice the days flying by while I was working on the murals, it felt like an absolute pleasure to be able to work and then take a break for a perfectly made cappuccino and some delicious homemade tiramisu.

Besides great food, there is my Magic Arc! You just need to stand under the text “make a wish” and make a wish of your own.  This special piece of art at Il Ponticell was the first piece of art I made in Rome so it really is magical! At that moment I was full of inspiration and looking forward to being able to work on many more projects in Italy, so believe me, the arc really is full of positive energy!



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